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Degree Requirements

Graduate Requirements image

Ⅰ. Requirements for Completion

Requirements for Completion
requirements/Program Master's Doctoral Integrated Master's/Doctoral
  Total Credits in Major  24 36 54
  Credits in CBE Major Courses 15 18 30
  Research Seminar Course Master's Research Course (CBE732)
(during 2nd year)
Doctoral Research Course (CBE817)
(during 2nd year) (during 3rd - 4th year)
  Essentially Required Courses  at least 2 subjects at least 2 subjects at least 2 subjects
  Department Seminar Course
  (CBE711 ~ 718)
3 credits
(over 3 semesters)
3 credits
(over 3 semesters)
6 credits
(over 6 semesters)
  Cumulative GPA 3.0 or above 3.0 or above 3.0 or above
  Duration of Coursework 2 years 2 years

4 years
(can be shortened

to 3 years)

All students should complete the ‘Research Guidance (DKK500)’ every semester. Credits received for this course are not included in the above table.
Courses taken in other departments under the guidance of the tutor professor are acknowledged as credits for majors.
As for Essentially-Required Courses, students must take at least two courses among Chemical Reaction Engineering, Transport Phenomena, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Biochemical Engineering and Advanced Chemical Engineering Mathematics(1 or 2).
Integrated master's/doctoral students who want to graduate early should complete all the academic requirements with a minimum cumulative GPA of 4.0 and  at least12 credits from Research Guidance.

Ⅱ. Comprehensive Exam (Oral)

Comprehensive Exam (Oral)
Program Eligibility for Exam Date of Exam Subjects of the Exam
Master's at least 18 credits
GPA 3.0 or higher

 Spring : early April
(application due_ mid March)


  • Fall : early October
    (application due_ mid September)
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • Transport Phenomena
  • Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Advanced Chemical Engineering Mathematics(1or2)
  • Biochemical Engineering
choose 2
Doctoral at least 27 credits
GPA 3.0 or higher
Integrated at least 45 credits
GPA 3.0 or higher

  • Prior to taking the oral examination, students must obtain credits in the corresponding courses.
  • In order to pass, students must acquire 70 out of 100 points in every subject of the comprehensive examination.



Ⅲ. Foreign Language Exam

  1. 1. Examination subjects

    Examination subjects
    Program Language
    Master's English
    Doctoral English
    Integrated Master's/Doctoral English
    International Students Korean

  2. 2. Dates for foreign language exams

    Dates for foreign language exams
    Spring First Saturday of March (tentative)
    Fall First Saturday of September (tentative)

    The actual dates for the English exam can be checked at the Institute of Foreign Language Studies website.

  3. 3. Exemption Criteria
    1. ①  Lecture Substitution

      Those who acquired a mark of B or above in the regular language course offered by Institute of Foreign Language Studies.
      ※ For details, visit the Institute of Foreign Language Studies website. (http://langtopia.korea.ac.kr/)

    2. ②  Substitution by authorized transcript

      Substitution by authorized transcript
      CBT IBT
      800 213 80 660 Level 6

Ⅳ. Graduation Dissertation

  1. 1. Research Achievements Required for Dissertation Submission
    • Master's
      1. Students must submit at least 1 research paper as the main or corresponding author in SCI(E) level journals.
    • Doctoral & Integrated Master's/Doctoral
      1. ① Students must submit evidence that at least 3 research papers were published or will be published in SCI level journals as the main author or corresponding author.
      2. ►SCIE papers within top 20% of the field are considered as SCI papers. One SCI paper can be substituted with two non-top 20% SCEI papers. Any paper published in a journal ranking in the top 10% of all journals in each impact factor(IF) field will be counted as 1.5 publications.
      3. ►For submitted papers, it is required that either the corresponding author is the tutor professor and the first author is the graduating student or the first author is the tutor professor and the second author is the graduating student. For students involved in industry-university collaboration, their tutor professor does not have to be a corresponding author. Moreover, the tutor professor can be a co-author only if the student's affiliation with KU(Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of KU)is noted.
      4. ►If two graduate students in the department are co-first authors, the research achievement credit will be given to only one of them. 
      5. ② Doctoral Qualification Exam (Oral Presentation of a Thesis):
        Students must pass the Doctoral Qualification Exam within their third semester. If students fail, they may retake the examination once the following semester.

  3. 2. Application Procedure

    Application Procedure
    Process Dates Remarks
    Spring Fall
    Apply to write dissertation Mid-March Mid-September  
    Pay tuition for degree acceptance
    (7% of course fees)
    Late February Late August Current Students
    Consult Departmental Notices Completed Research Students
    Consult Departmental Notices Course Completed Students
    Pay dissertation examination fee Mid-April Mid-October  
    Submit application documents for dissertation examination Mid-April Mid-October  
    Dissertation examination

    Early May to

    Early June

    Early November to Early December  
    Submit report on examination Early to mid-June Early to mid-December  
    Submit printed copy of dissertation Early July Ealry January